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Why Hack at YHack?

YHack is a national hackathon hosted by and at Yale University. Join over 1000 other undergraduate students for a weekend of hacking. It's the perfect opportunity to meet and learn from other like-minded hackers, all the while honing your own skills. Create a mobile app to stop world hunger, learn the hottest new javascript frameworks, implement a hardware hack that revolutionizes the wearables industry... or just do something for the lulz.

We welcome students of all hacking ability.


When will YHack take place?

YHack 2014 will begin on Friday, October 31, 2014, and will conclude on Sunday, November 2, 2014.

A more detailed schedule will be released closer to the actual date of the event.

Who can come?

Anyone currently enrolled in a bachelor's program is eligible to enter Y-Hack with confirmed registration.

Not in college but still want to participate? Go ahead and register, but send us an email explaining your circumstances. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

I don't code, what about me?

You've found the perfect place and time to learn! There will be dedicated events and mentors to ease your way through your first YHack experience.

And don't worry - applications are NOT filtered by experience. Our focus is on providing the best overall experience, not accepting only the best hackers. After all, everyone had to start from somewhere!

How much does it cost to attend?

Attendance is 100% free, and includes food, drinks, and more free swag than you could shake a stick at.

What about travel?

Travel reimbursement policies will be announced at a later date.

Last year, we guaranteed $100 per person, and had enough funds to reimburse all reasonable requests under $200, with more for teams that travelled farther.

Is there a registration deadline?

Registration for YHack 2014 is now closed!

How do teams work?

We encourage people to work in teams of up to four. If you can't find a team beforehand, worry not - there will be time to form teams throughout registration.

What should I bring?

All you'll need is a valid ID, preferrably a student ID, and your laptop + charger.

In the spirit of Halloween, you are strongly encouraged to bring/wear a costume, details forthcoming. A pillow and some toiletries never hurt anyone either.

What about hardware?

We welcome hacks of all shapes and sizes. There will be both reimbursements as well as hardware provided at the event - more detailed policies to be released soon.

What can I win?

Money and stuff. But is that really why you go to hackathons?

More questions?

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